Spring has arrived! With a record breaking summer heat wave right around the corner, is your family prepared to maintain comfort at home? You may not think of your air conditioner often, so let us remind you that it’s time for a tune-up.


Here’s four reasons you should schedule a technician to come out to your house to tune-up your air conditioner:

Stay comfortable:

Keep you and your family safe and comfortable this summer with cool in-home temperature in the most efficient and affordable manner possible. Peak efficiency levels will only be achieved if it’s well maintained regularly by an HVAC professional.

Save money:

Just as getting the oil changed in your car extends the mileage, a tune-up for your air conditioner increases the longevity of the investment you made in your home. Sleep well knowing you won’t have to make that expensive purchase prematurely.

Reduce energy consumption:

Our technicians return your unit to factory settings, decreasing the amount of energy (and money) needed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature with low humidity.

Cleaner air:

Alleviate or reduce the amount of dust mites, airborne allergens, mold growth, fire hazards from accumulated contaminates, and danger from carbon monoxide with a proper and well-maintained air conditioner.

Spring tune-up includes:

  1. Inspect and test thermostat
  2. Check filter and blower wheel
  3. Test blower motor amp draw
  4. Check & clean main burners
  5. Check & clean heat exchanger
  6. Check & clean flame sensor
  7. Test & adjust temperature rise
  8. Evaluate and test air duct system
  9. Check drain lines
  10. Check condensate pump
  11. Check expansion valve for icing
  12. Check amperage draw
  13. Check heating efficiency
  14. Inspect coils for leaks
  15. Inspect electric heat strips
  16. Clean coils as needed
  17. Test blower motor capacitors
  18. Test sequence of operation (gas)
  19. Check flame strength and color (gas)
  20. Check for airflow obstructions in vent pipes (gas)
  21. Dust inside and reassemble cabinet (replacing any missing cabinet screws)
  22. Replace standard filter
  23. Dust return air grid/cover

Comfort Club

Most homeowners sit around hoping their cooling unit doesn’t break down, hoping it won’t happen in the middle of summer, hoping it won’t cost much to repair. This, however, does not describe our Comfort Club members. Take preventative measures by being a member of our Comfort Club.

Benefits of being a Comfort Club Member:

  • Priority and reminder services
  • heating and cooling system has a longer life
  • the incidence of unit breakdowns is reduced
  • priority service throughout the year
  • better air quality
  • increased energy savings
  • Discounts on services

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